MKMZ MOU Signing With Mother Care Blood Bank

Date: 30 Oct 2011 Location: Karachi, Pakistan

MKMZ has signed MOU with Mothercare Blood Bank for providing free Blood to cancer and thalassemia patients. Special Thanks to Mothercare Blood bank team and to MKMZ members. God Bless everyone.





MKMZ meeting to discuss Ramazan Food Drive package

Date: 25 Jun 2011 Location: Karachi, Pakistan

MKMZ meeting was held in Karachi to discuss the plan of distributing food packages to needy families before the Ramazan 2010, so that these families fulfil their needs during the holy month.




MKMZ meeting in Dubai

Date: 7 May 2010 Location: Dubai, UAE

MKMZ first formal event was held in Dubai to initiate the Dubai chapter. The goal was to spread the word and consolidate the purpose of bringing together our own city and country fellows on one platform for the local projects started by the organization. Also to get the feedback about the existing setup and what needs to be altered, initiated and closed for the improved MKMZ approach and mission.




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