Hand Water Pumps Project

While trying to identify the problems and also realizing our limited sources and political situation, MKMZ came across a vital problem faced by the people of Gharo. Here, Peasant women and kids have to walk 2 miles back and forth to bring water to their homes. An effort was required to check if fresh drinkable ground water was present and if yes, than install proper equipments like simple water hand pumps at regular intervals. The simple activity costing less and with easy labour can solve a grave problem, the idea was thrilling.

After a lot of surveying, lot of villages of population ranging from 30 to 3000 people, it was planned and decided to install pumps in densely populated areas catering maximum number of people.

As of now we have installed 17 pumps and we will be installing more. We have some funds in hand and looking for more to install maximum numbers before next Ramadan of 2010 starts.


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