School Revamping Project

The first and the most anticipated project of Mera Karachi Meri Zimaydari was the “School Revamping Project” where the members of the organization spent several hours fixing up a Government School named “Mary Colaco”. “Fixing”meant painting the whole premises in and out, mending broken desks, painting new black boards, supply of electrical appliances like bulbs, fans which were either broken or totally absent from the classes. While most of the members were working some members were kind enough to entertain the kids so that they would get a day of fun .A medical and cleanliness lecture was also given to the students by Dr.Sara Shafqat ( also a member of the group). She addressed the students about cleanliness of body and environment so that the main object of the whole exercise should be achieved to the fullest. The entire process was not easy and required complete involvement of all the members to pitch in with the same high enthusiasm and positive energy levels. The work was tiring but the strong spirit and the respect of noble target helped us in getting the work done.

The complete visit to the school is documented and available on the you tube account of MKMZ. The comprehensive effort gave us all the sense of accomplishment and we were certain that this was just the beginning of our attempt to change the world.



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