Distribution of Rashan in Ramadan [2009-2011]

As is our tradition and a vital need of our fellow muslims, this year (2011) again MKMZ came forward to provide rashan and basic utilities to as many people as possible. The rashan collected this year comprised of Flour, Rice, Oil/Ghee, Sugar, Tea, pulses(daal), Rooh Afza sharbat, Biscuits etc. The quantity was sufficient for 50 families for the whole month.  Alhamdolillah.

Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims all over the world. In Pakistan also it is respected and celebrated with the same zeal and zest. But unfortunately, the markets hype makes it a tougher season for those who earn on daily basis. The reason being less working hours, weakness due to fastings, and unavailability of food supplies for sehr and aftaar.

Recognizing the pain for which we all are responsible, MKMZ aim to lessen the burden of those needy people, by providing rationing for the whole month. In distribution, there is absolutely no discrimination as per the caste, faith or colour. It was distributed solely on merit basis.




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