Efforts for Flood Victims [2010-2011]


MKMZ team visited different areas of sindh to help flood victims. Distributed necessary food products, mineral water and medicines to flood victims and spent quality time with them.


While the whole country is mourning and half crippled with the monstrous and unrelenting waters, Pakistanis stepped up the efforts and activities for relief and support of our fellow Pakistanis. The view is no lesser then earthquake 2005, only worse. More people got engulfed in the cruel arms of floods, more people are forced to relocate, empty handed. Without food, clothes, shelter; the basic necessities of life. At this point of time they look up with expectant eyes towards their leaders, neighbours and brothers.

As our claim of being human first, the responsibility on our shoulders becomes all the more heavy and demanding. We welcome this responsibility with open arms. MKMZ have contributed in many possible ways to overcome the challenge. Financially, materially, physically and morally.

AT this point of time, since many NGO’s are working in the same capacity, we joined hands with Human relief foundation to channelize and making the effort with larger impact. Apart from that we are also working with other NGO’s like KASB foundation, Future leaders of Pakistan, Salman Iqbal of ARY and many others to spread the word and giving a hand to make the helping hand stronger and far more accessible.

Few basic items are mentioned below:

  • 748 bottles of 1 liter mineral water
  • 94 bottles of 500ml mineral water
  • 600+bottle of Pedialite
  • 1494 sachets of ORS
  • Clothes for 1000 people
  • Biscuits
  • Medicines for 1500 people in relief camps including children medicine ( Infacol, Panadol Jr, Calpol) and adult medicine (Brufen, Ponstan, Flagyl etc.)
  • Juices
  • Food items (Wheat flour, sugar)

MKMZ contributed with different amounts to human relief foundation for flood victims of Charsadda and Khaiber pakhtunkhwa.

Major Contribution of MKMZ was the introduction of Life Straw instant microbiological water purifier. This was the result of deep research for finding a longer lasting but cheap solution to obtain safe and drinkable water. Life Straw is the product. As studied, one life straw is sufficient for 7-10 people family with a capacity to purify 18000 liters of water. Hence as an average, one purifier can be sufficiently used for 1-1.5 years.

Along with individual efforts, MKMZ also contributed to organizations physically and financially to organizations like Human Relief Foundation and Future Leaders of Pakistan and together they distributed food rashan, mineral water, kitchen utensils, mats & pillows to 340 flood affected families i.e. 2000 people in Mianwali. These included people from 6 different villages.

MKMZ is still working on the same front for better and long lasting results. We need your support in the form of goods, money, or advice/suggestions. All are welcome.



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