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Rashida Soni

I joined MKMZ not a long time back. But the time I joined, I joined it for a reason. To make a difference to someone, somewhere. I joined cause my mission and MKMZ mission coincided.

To find the reason of my existence and fullfill my responsibility of spreading the blessings which are given to me unasked and with which I am tested with. So I should also give unasked.

I found in Saqib Ali Kazmi a person who I can trust and make my dream come true. I pray to God to give me strength for doing the same and use us in the way should be beneficial to all. Amen.

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Asim Haroon

Each and every institution, either government office or public service like bank, always have a box, on which it is written in bold and capital letters “COMPLAINT AND SUGGESTION BOXES”… Last time when I was in Pakistan, I observed that whichever institution I visited, People were complaining… complaining about the service, complaining about the system and millions of other complains. I started to think that if there is no decreases in complains, than what this box doing???

After that, I started observing these boxes very closely… the strange thing which I noticed was, almost 100 % people use to complain… but less than 0.01% use to write the complain on a paper and put it inside the COMPLAINT BOX… What is the reason for this?? Okay… I can say one reason is that majority of our population is illiterate… and those who know how to write, don’t usually have a pen… and those who have a pen can hardly find a blank paper to write… and those who have the paper, never thought of writing a complain…

So I came up with an idea… why don’t we replace the complaint box with complaint recorders??? All the people have to reach the complaint recorder, press a record button and say there complain… but I realized that this wont work either… the reason is… Who is going to press the record button?????

In my views, nowadays, complaining is our national game… and it is a widely known game, without any rules, and everyone is in a win-win situation…

At this point, we should ask few questions to ourselves… why do we always complain? Why there is no improvement? What role we (as a member of this society) can play to reduce the complaints? Are we doing enough to decrease the number of complains?  I guess the most common answer to all these question will be… aaaaaaa… yes :S

MKMZ… short form of Mera Karachi, Meri Zimadari, have a different form of approach in solving the problems… We also complain like everyone else… but we try to solve the complain by our actions…

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Amna Muhammad Ali

Mera Karachi Meri Zemedari (MKMZ) is a social welfare organization established a couple of years back.

It was a thought that took the shape of implication and possitivity for the poor and under previliged Pakistanis.

Its a team of young and endowed workers who are capable of taking pain and think beyond their own selves.

Many projects  on  MKMZ platform have been launched. But above all ,free supply of water , which is essential for every human being  has driven the attention of many, including me who care for the man kind.

Installation of water hand pumps to the local under-prevlidged areas near Karachi is a commendable job being done by the team of MKMZ.

This will supply water to the deprived ones as well as it will improve the lifestyle of that particular area.

Still there is alot to be done. All this need many powerful , faithful and reliable hands to join in and take up the responsibility to build a healthier , happier Pakistan.

let us all join MKMZ as a cause of our lives. invite people to donate for the cause. donate yourself to be admired in the eyes of your creator.

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